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Inhibition of Enterovirus 71-Induced Apoptosis by APC

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(Apogen™) – the Natural Flu and Virus Firewall – is a nutritional compound scientifically demonstrated to block viruses from entering cells – including viruses that cause the flu (1) and enterovirus (2). Nature Built offers General Virus Protection. Based on the scientific results, Nature Built has broad anti-virus properties. Some of the yet to be published results indicate excellent viral inhibition.  Nature Built – Guards against the Flu's unique benefits and production methods are protected by U.S. and international patents and have been subjected to rigorous scientific study.

Nature Built is not a drug. It does not have side effects.  It's a patented nutritional supplement concentrated and purified from proprietary strain FEM-101 and organically grown spirulina, a healthful blue green algae so rich in nutrients it's commonly called a superfood. It takes the equivalent of 450 tablets of spirulina to make one serving of Nature Built or more than 13,000 tablets to make a single box! Nature Built does not kill viruses. Instead, it protects cells by creating a "viral firewall" that many viruses can't cross. While Nature Built is not intended to treat or prevent illness, just like vitamins,

In addition different types of flu virus, Nature Built has also been shown to inhibit a number of other pathogens including several potentially serious intestinal viruses that may cause illness, paralysis and even death, especially in children. Additional research is currently underway to explore Nature Built's range and mechanisms of action.

How to Take Nature Built – Guard Against the Flu
Take when traveling or in crowded areas such as schools or meetings.  Take immediately when you feel yourself coming down with the flu.  Continue to take during and immediately after an illness.

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Take 1 – 3 lozenges per day for general use.  When first signs of illness appear use up to 3 times the basic dosage.  Additional lozenges may also be used when traveling or entering crowds.  You may adjust your dosage as needed.

Comparing Safety and Effectiveness
Recently, scientists at National Chang Gung University in Taiwan compared the relative effectiveness of Nature Built against Tamiflu, the most popular prescription drug for treating type A influenza, including the current H5N1 "bird flu."

Unlike Tamiflu, which is a pharmaceutical drug that works to disable an essential part of a type A influenza virus's structure, Nature Built is a food-based, organic nutrient complex that works to protect cells from penetration by the virus.

In this study, the scientists determined the amount Tamiflu and Nature Built needed to block 50% of the spread of the virus in a cell culture. The numerical results, called LC50 — short for inhibitory concentration 50% — showed that it took 12.3 times less Nature Built to achieve the same virus inhibiting effects as Tamiflu.

The study also determined the relative cellular toxicity of Nature Built and Tamiflu, determining how high a concentration is required to kill 50% of the cells. This factor, called LC50 — short for lethal concentration 50% — was more than 3 times better for Nature Built than Tamiflu. This means that cells can tolerate a much higher amount of Nature Built than Tamiflu, even though much less is required to be effective.

Putting these two numbers together determines the "safety margin" — a measure of how many times the effective concentration it takes to produce a toxic reaction. Larger numbers are better. In this experiment with a virulent type A influenza, the safety margin for Tamiflu was 72, while for Nature Built it was more than 2800!

Apogen Phycobiliprotein Patent Extraction (Allophycocyanin, C-phycocyanin, SGF, sulfated polysaccharide, nucleic acid, peptide, amino acids, minerals)
One or more lozenges per day for general use. At times of increased risk of exposure or at first sign of illness, consider using up to 3 times the basic dose. Additional lozenges may also be used as desired when traveling or entering crowds.

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Note: Lozenges are most effective when they are allowed to slowly dissolve in the mouth, coating the throat to create an additional physical barrier.
For best results, do not eat or drink for at least 15 minutes after lozenge dissolves.