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The Vita Mix Turbo Blend 4500 Blender will blend as little at 4 ounces, or as much as 64 oz., with uniform blending on large or small batches. The Vita-Mix 4500 is so much more than an ordinary blender. Vita mix produces the most incredible smoothies imaginable. Perfect texture. Absolutely no graininess and so completely blended they won't separate for a surprisingly long time.

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Eliminate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) with a full 5,000 LUX of Full Spectrum Light Therapy.

If you suffer from a lack of energy, feel depressed and find your motivation waning, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) . Nearly 20% of the public suffers from this form of depression when deprived of precious sunshine. Now, the original Verilux HappyLite can be yours – delivering a full 5,000 LUX of indoor sunlight without any harmful UV rays. And it can be hung on a wall or set on a table or counter for your morning sunshine bath.

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At last, a product that eliminates the harsh toxic effects of chlorine in your garden."

Our Gard'n Gro - Bring the Goodness of Mother Nature Back to Your Garden!

Promotes healthy plant nutrition and growth by returning the natural balance to your soil, compost, or mulch.