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The EC series uses the latest and most advanced ionization technology. The EC series water ionizers offer a built-in calcium port for stronger ionization capabilities. This feature allows for a higher pH, negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and stronger acid water.

EC Series electrodes chamber is comprised of Platinum coated Titanium electrodes with a patented matting, which enhances ionization efficiency by resisting to mineral deposits. The Electrode Plates are iridium-free. We have Documented Proof of this. The electrode chamber is specially designed to drain off all excess water in the electrolysis chamber between uses. This provides the electrodes with longevity built to last at least 15 - 20 years. The titanium is coated with platinum for excellent, yet durable, conductivity. The combination of efficient draining, improved matting, and revised inner structure enable EC Series to operate over for 100 hours continuously. EC Water Ionizers are smaller which helps to take up less space and provides easier portability.

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