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BioAstin Supreme™ Astaxanthin, is a unique and powerful 'Super Carotenoid Complex' that possesses extraordinary protective properties.

BioAstin® Supreme Astaxanthin is the world's best selling brand of astaxanthin for humans. It is a dietary supplement with powerful antioxidant and other health benefits.

BioAstin™ Astaxanthin is the most powerful free radical eliminating and single oxygen quenching natural antioxidant known to man. It has been shown to be 550 times stronger than Vitamin E and 800 times stronger than CoQ10. Of the approximately 700 known carotenoids, which include the familiar beta carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and lutein, BioAstin Supreme™ is the king.

What sets BioAstin Supreme™ Astaxanthin apart from all the rest is its molecular structure which confers upon it some very special and unique biological abilities which are unequalled and not observed with other antioxidants and carotenoids. Its fat soluble structure allows BioAstin Supreme™ to incorporate itself into the fat layer of the outer cell membrane acting as a bridge spanning from the outer surface to the inner surface of the cell. It is this distinctive characteristic that allows BioAstin Supreme™ to protect the cellular membrane. We also offer Spirulina combined with Astaxanthin in a caplet. When you combine it with Spirulina, you have a complete food with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory qualities.

Additionally, BioAstin Supreme™ functions through many other unique mechanisms to provide an even greater spectrum of cellular protection.

The US FDA has reviewed and allowed this extensive list of claims for BioAstin Supreme:

  • Supports Joint Health
  • Supports Healthy Tendons
  • Supports Eye Health
  • Supports Healthy Immune Function
  • Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System
  • Supports Anti-Aging through Cellular Health
  • Supports Healthy Skin
  • Supports Skin during Sun Exposure
  • Supports a Healthy Oxidative Balance
  • Supports Increased Energy Levels
  • Supports the Body in Recovery from Exercise


BioAstin Supreme™ is called the "functional antioxidant" because it does so many positive things for so many people.

BioAstin Supreme™ quenches more types of Free radicals than any other antioxidant. It effortlessly diffuses and disarms multiple types of free radicals better than any other Antioxidant in the marketplace.

Directions: One or two vegetarian gelcaps per day with meals. Each bottle contains 60, 6mg vegetarian capsules.