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SUPER BIOMAGNET:Our most powerful Biomagnet, used for deep tissue treatment. Includes one magnet.

Gauss Rating: NEGATIVE SIDE 2,750 POSITIVE SIDE 3,150

NEGATIVE or geological North is always marked with the negative symbol (-) and/or colored green. The Negative Pole helps the body to normalize and heal painful conditions. The Negative Polarity can be used anywhere on the body.

POSITIVE or geological South is always marked with the Positive symbol (+) and/or colored red. The Positive Pole stimulates all forms of life, including bacteria. Techniques using positive polarity are used sparingly and only for very specific treatments. (See section on Back Pain and Acid Indigestion).

Unfortunately, there are a lot of uneducated Biomagnetic manufacturers in the industry who do not know science and are strictly entrepreneurs trying to make money- sometimes at the cost of people's health.

The specifications in the magnet industry follow exact guidelines. Gauss is the measurement that defines how many lines of magnetic force (flux density) per square centimeter are emitted from the surface of the magnet. This is the only true power of a magnet and is the only power measured with a gauss meter.

The Gauss values that some scientifically ignorant, biomagnetic manufacturers are using is the br coercive (internal) force that is required to remove and neutralize the power of a magnet. Since the internal force for each type of magnet such as strontium, barium, alnico, neodymium, samarium etc., is different due to material and mass, engineers and scientists have never used the br coercive numbers as they are not accurate. Only the surface readings are accurate. Such high ratings as 5-12,000 gauss are strictly marketing gimmicks by people who don't know science. It is important to beware of products from these uneducated people as their products may well be improperly designed.*

Biomagnetics is the science where specifically designed magnets are used to manipulate the electrical charge of the human cell back to a healthy state.

All magnets are not the same. Size and material composition determine the power of the magnet. BioMagnets are available in three different sizes and are designed using the most powerful, available magnetic material in the world - known as Rare Earth, Neodymium-iron-boron (NeFeB). Recognized within the last few years for its outstanding permanent magnetic properties, Rare Earth (NeFeB) is literally regarded as a Biomagnetic Break-through.

The Advantage of the Super BioMagnets
The Super BioMagnets are 50 times more powerful than most other BioMagnets available on the market today. The result is improved deep tissue penetration for quicker pain relief. This is absolutely necessary in order to have a positive healing effect on cell tissue. The strength of Super BioMagnets can comprehensively treat many health conditions that ordinary BioMagnets cannot - a very import factor to consider when choosing BioMagnets.


Super Biomagnets from BioMag Science are properly focused Negative (-)and/or Positive (+) Polarity. This is a very important factor because the response of the individual magnetic poles has differing effects on the physiology of the human body.

NEGATIVE or geological North is always marked with the negative symbol (-)and/or colored green. The Negative Pole helps the body to normalize and heal painful conditions. The Negative Polarity can be used anywhere on the body.

POSITIVE or geological South is always marked with the Positive symbol (+) and/or colored red. The Positive Pole stimulates all forms of life, including bacteria. Techniques using positive polarity are used sparingly and only for very specific treatments.


The Negative Pole Gives One Effect And
The Positive Pole Gives Another

Why is this a warning? A recurrent problem in this science and the biomagnetic health and research industry is that magnet manufacturers, and many people in general, do not understand the important difference in universally marking the poles correctly. Additionally, some biomagnet companies are actually insensitive or ignorant in the use of proper field treatments.

It is important for you, the end user, to understand the basic, vital difference between the geological North (negative) and South (positive) Pole effects and to be ‘product wise' when selecting magnetic products to be used for health treatments. contact us

For example: Many magnet manufacturers put an ‘N' or an ‘S' on their magnets. But, their ‘N' or ‘S' marking is an engineers symbol and means North or South seeking. What seeks the North? The South seeks the North. That means the ‘N' on the magnet may be the South (positive) Pole, a dangerous pole to use indiscriminately! This is important because incorrectly marked magnets can give energy that has been shown to be dangerous to your health if you're constantly using South (positive) on an area you wouldn't want stimulated such as an ankle with edema, or a tumorous area in the body, etc. Knowledgeable biomagnetic scientists agree that biomagnetic applications be very specific in regard to using only the proper poles and that they be electromagnetically marked either Negative (-) or Positive (+).

Based on the simplest laws of physics, the wrong side of the magnet placed over sensitive tissue could cause damage. Remember, South Pole is positive. Positive is stimulating and could stimulate all forms of life including bacteria, viruses, increased inflammation, increased cancer rates, etc.

The geological North Pole is negative. Negative charges create negative energy, the calming healing energy. Since so many do not know the difference between the true poles and the "seeking" poles of a magnet, BioMag Science, as a scientific biomagnetic institute, has chosen to use Negative (-) and Positive (+) markings on our biomagnets. For your safety, all biomagnets are triple tested with a measuring instrument known as a magnetometer. This testing device accurately reads negative (geological North) and positive (geological South). The universal markings for these poles are Green for Negative (-) and Red for Positive (+).

Be aware of what kind of biomagnets you're getting before you buy. Insist on true geological North (negative) and South (positive). Wrong pole markings can be harmful to your health.

Consider Polarities when Using Biomagnets as a complimentary health care treatment.



THE NORTH POLE (Geological North)
Green is the universal Biomagnetic color for Negative Polarity.

  • The Negative Pole has an arresting effect on bacteria and growths, and a sedating effect on the nerve tissue; sedates or inhibits pain. Reduces congestion.
  • Controls inflammatory conditions in the joints (redness, warmth, swelling).
  • Slows down overactive organs. Decreases activity.
  • Attracts oxygen, charges and properly increases cellular DNA.
  • Contracts the tissue; draws fluid.
  • Speeds up the coagulation of blood. Controls the bleeding of wounds. Vasoconstrictor.
  • Dissolves build-up of fatty materials. Reduction of fatty deposits in veins and arteries.
  • Decreases abnormal calcium ions.
  • Decreases bridge lengths between gene transmitter and receptor cites aiding complete neural transmission for better metabolism and faster healing.
Summary Negative Pole:

The negative (-), North side of the magnet is the pole most frequently used for healing. It is very important to health. Trauma causes the cellular condition to go into a positive acid state. The negative pole will increase alkalinity and reduce acidity. It decreases acidity in ailments by reducing the hydrogen ion, increasing pH and causing alkalinity to bring the tissue back to normal. Alkalinity fights colds, bacteria and increases oxygen to the cell.

The negative pole energy is best used for: arthritis, bleeding, wounds, sores, boils, eczema, skin rashes, burns, infections, toothache, kidney infection, kidney stones, cancer, bladder complaints and, in all kinds of aches, pains, and inflammations that have redness, warmth, or swelling.
When you hurt yourself, your brain sends out negative charges directly to the area to heal. The negative field of the magnet amplifies and expedites this natural healing condition.

THE SOUTH POLE (Geological South)
Red is the universal Biomagnetic color for positive polarity.

  • South Pole is positive energy.
  • Stimulates all forms of life including bacteria. Therefore it should never be used where there is an infection.
  • Stimulates the organs in its energy field. Increases activity. Also, attracts and increases acidity.
  • Expands, enlarges, softens and relaxes tissues by increasing inter and intracellular fluids. Great for backaches.
  • Dilates blood vessels. Vasodilator. Can create additional bleeding when there is a cut or abrasion.
  • Should not be used on inflammation.
  • The South Pole should be applied carefully and used only in specific techniques defined in this book.
Summary Positive Pole:

The South Pole energy is used for: Under active (hypo-active) glands; such as adrenal, thyroid, pancreas. To neutralize stomach acids. Especially important: Used as part of Proper Polarity Treatment for; bone fractures, cartilage repair, back pain, and in the Meridian Energizing Treatment for advanced illnesses to potentiate and energize nerve cells. See Treatment Techniques in book.

Professional health care practitioners use Biomagnets as a compli-mentery health care product to promote the body's energy to help heal more rapidly. They are also used by millions of people all over the world who enjoy the benefits of Biomagnetic therapy.

  • Magnetic Therapy has been used for over 5000 years to treat many common health issues and some that are not so common.
  • Known as lodestones, the Chinese first used the power of this magnetic stone to help heal disease over 5000 years ago.
  • Cleopatra used them as a beauty aid.
  • Paracelcus, a scientist in the late 1400's, used them successfully to treat the cause of seizures and many other illnesses that at the time had no known cure.
  • Today, Biomagnetic Therapy is used worldwide to treat broken bones, conquer pain, relieve carpal tunnel, arthritis, increase vitality and help the body heal itself from even chronic disease.

Biomagnetics is the science where specifically designed magnets are used to manipulate the electrical charge of the human cell back to a healthy state.

About BioMag Science Biomagnet

BioMag Science and its International Research Division is a leader in the evolution of this science and as a result has created a series of State-Of-The-Art, very small and powerful Rare Earth Biomagnets for the treatment of various health problems.

All magnets are not the same. Size and material composition determine the power of a magnet. Biomagnets from BioMag Science are available in three different sizes and are designed using the most powerful, available magnetic material in the world - known as Rare Earth, Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB). Recognized within the last few years for its outstanding permanent magnetic properties, Rare Earth (NdFeB) is literally regarded as a Biomagnetic break-through.

Rare Earth Iron Biomagnets are 50-100 times more powerful than ordinary Biomagnets available on the market today. The result is improved deep tissue penetration for energizing the body quicker for its own self-healing mechanism. This is absolutely necessary in order to have a positive healing effect on cell tissue. The strength of Rare Earth Biomagnets can comprehensively energize the body for many health conditions that ordinary Biomagnets cannot - a very important factor to consider when choosing Biomagnets.

Testimonial from man with a "Pinched Nerve"
A common problem that many of us experience is a pinched nerve. This is where a nerve or nerve group is being pulled or otherwise disrupted causing dizziness, nausea, tingly or numb feeling, buzzing in the ears, etc. Often the cause of this is a "knotted" muscle, which is a muscle that is tensed up as though you were flexing it, and it can not relax. The knotted muscle is cumulative in its effect, meaning that it gets worse and worse over time. When a muscle in the neck or upper shoulder area becomes knotted, it can grab a nerve and wreak havoc on its victim, often causing equilibrium problem: dizziness, nausea, tingly or numb feeling, buzzing in the ears, etc. This can be completely disabling, as it was with me. It would come on quickly and I had no idea at all what the problem was. If I had gone to the doctor as most people would have, I am positive they would have had a very difficult time diagnosing my problem, most likely looking at my blood and organs, possibly even do a CAT scan or MRI. This would have all been useless.

BioMag Science Biomagnetic Institute

Research Report #051100

Based on a number of general Magnetic and Biomagnetic Product Web sites reviewed by this author, the following important concerns are reported:

1. Grossly Inaccurate, Non-Scientific Gauss (Power) Ratings Advertised on Biomagnetic Products
2. Dangerous Positive Polarity Placements
3. Dangerously Stressful Improper Negative Field Placement Application Sites on Limbs, Shoulders and Hips
4. Magnetic Foot Pads – Truth & Consequences

Review and Report

Gauss Ratings – Gaussmeter Measurements - Applied Magnetics Laboratory GMI-A

1. Most Companies reviewed advertise wrong, non-scientific, gauss power ratings on their products. Many Companies represent the "br coersive" rating, which is the force it takes to neutralize the grade of magnet shown. This br coersive has no relationship with the Gauss value and is not a clear or scientific indication of the power of a magnet. These Companies advertise gauss values that don't exist and we (magnet research scientists) can only suppose they are falsely embellishing the power to sell their products or they got the information from non-scientifically educated entrepreneurs.

2. The scientific definition of Gauss is the number of magnetic lines of force (flux) emitted from a square centimeter of the surface of the pole of a magnet. The Gauss rating is determined by the type and density of magnetic iron ore, the thickness of the magnet, and whether the magnet is sintered. Sintering is when the magnetic iron particles are magnetically polarized (lined up) just as the magnet is molded. The higher the gauss value, the more powerful the magnet and the greater the distance the power exists from the surface.

3. Due to the new class of rare earth magnetic iron such as Neodymium, Gauss times Oersted (the power that drives Gauss) equals energy units (GOe) - is the formula used to evaluate all classes of magnets. However, it is only indicative of the material class of magnet. Depending on the class of magnets (ceramic, alnico, rare earth, etc.), the thickness/Oersted formula, which increases the gauss value, is only constant within each class.

4. A typical advertising scientific untruth is the 3,950 gauss rating of the common Ceramic block magnet sold by many companies. The 3,950 rating is the br coersive. The actual surface rating is approximately 1400g or 3.5MGOe (3.5 Million Gauss Oersted energy units). A one-half inch thick 3.5MGOe Ceramic magnet has a surface gauss rating of approximately 1,400g, whereas a one-half inch thick 35MGOe Neodymium Super Biomagnet magnet has a surface rating of 4,230g. At three-fourths of an inch from the surface, the Ceramic magnet rates 190g and the Neodymium rates 410g. However, the Oersted value of the 35MGOe Super BioMagnet from BioMag Science is so strong, that it will deflect a compass needle through the entire side to side thickness of the body - an important treatment issue. No other classes of magnets can do that.

5. There are a number of companies advertising 11,000g magnets. This measurement simply does not scientifically exist (not measurable by any accredited gauss meter available) in solid state magnets. This high gauss rating perpetuated by entrepreneurs is absolutely and scientifically wrong. To date, without hugely expensive, electronic laboratory equipment, it has been impossible to get that many lines of flux out of a square centimeter on the surface of a magnet. Again, the most powerful, best value in the market is the 35 MGOe Neodymium magnet which is rated at +1,400g – 5,500g flux density (depending upon the thickness). It has the great benefit of high power, deep tissue penetration - absolutely one of the great breakthroughs in biomagnetic material.

6. Currently, another product(s) being advertised with the wrong gauss rating is the Magna Lyfe Brand Biomagnets. The package advertises a rating of 10,000g. Although the Institute has not specifically measured them, they are extremely weak. Our BioMag Science Power Wafers are approximately +2,200g and they are extremely hard to separate from each other. Magna Lyfe's so-called 10,000g barely stick together.

7. Just because you see something written on a good looking box does not make it true. On the side of the Homedics Biomagnetic product boxes, it says "It is believed that bi-polar magnets have deeper penetration." Maybe their advertising firm thinks so, but it is a fact that only a single pole field can have deep penetration. When two (bi-polar) or more (multi-polar) fields exist on the surface of a magnet, the action of simple physics takes place and the positive and negative fields immediately are drawn to each other across the surface, not outward toward the body. It is a good looking box, though.

Gauss Rating Conclusion

Unfortunately the Consumer Affairs Agencies of the State and Federal Governments are not yet governing the Biomagnetic manufacturers to use scientific terms and conditions in fair advertising. At this time, you cannot believe what is being stated in Biomagnets or General Magnetic Conditioning literature unless you get your equipment from a true science organization.

Positive Polarity – The Dangerous Biomagnetic Field

1. There is major concern about the improper use of the Positive (South pole) field of a biomagnet. Medical research has proven that the Positive field is a hyperactive field that induces and increases stress at the cellular metabolic level and promotes anaerobic bacterial growth. When a trauma occurs, the natural negatively charged cells go into a positively charged state that sends an ascending signal to the brain. Through the descending signal, the brains issues calming, natural healing, Negative charges to repair the positively charged site.

2. The "Hyperactive" Positive pole of a magnet creates an expanding field and the "Hypoactive" Negative pole creates a contracting field. Because it is expanding, the Positive is the dominant field in all bi-polar (two pole) and multi-polar biomagnetic devices. Through the years, everyone using multiple pole devices, has reported fairly good anecdotal results. However, upon experiencing the scientific protocols of properly amplifying the body's natural Negative healing charges, the common reaction is "The first system (Nikken, Magna Block, Bioflex, Homedics, etc.) definitely gave some relief, but the pain never went away completely. I thought I was just going to have to put up with it. When I used your system, it went completely away. Amazing. Can I get some more systems for my…?"

3. Specific research has looked at the effects of magnetism on cancer cells and has found the Positive pole promotes cancer cell growth while the Negative pole slows down and arrests cancer cell growth. Again, this is the result of the hyperactivity caused by the Positive pole. Anyone continuously wearing a bi-polar or multi-polar biomagnetic pad or magnetic system is getting a constant influx of Positive energy. Any dormant pre-cancer cells being treated with a Positive field have a significant possibility of becoming cancerous. Any normal cells being treated with a continuous positive field (such as in tendinitis or an aching knee) also have a possibility of becoming pre-cancerous or cancerous.

Dangerous Positive Field Conclusion

Based on Physics and the known Electro-Biochemical interactions of the body, Biomagnetics is an easy to understand technology. The cytoplasm (the interior and largest part) of a healthy cell is negatively charged at rest. Traumatized cells go into a normal positive state. For fast results, simply apply a correctly designed biomagnet at the proper site to amplify the body's natural Negative healing charges. The Positive hyperactive field increases and stresses metabolism, therefore it must be used sparingly and with the exception of magnetodiagnostics and its advanced treatments, is generally used only in conjunction with the Negative pole in specific energy healing circuits. Using the Positive in any form can be dangerous without expert advice.

Yet there are many medical scientists designing, using and selling biomagnetic devices who do not know the crucial difference between the polar effects. Some openly teach there is no difference in the poles and that it is alright to use either pole. One such group is the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy. Ron Lawrence, M.D.,Ph.D., President of the Academy is a teaching proponent of: "it doesn't matter which field is used, just slap a magnet on." As a note about his Academy, our Director of the BioMag Science Biomagnetic Research Institute, Cate Moore, went to their biomagnetic certification seminar in Los Angeles. Cate is a calm, very educated medical professional. When she raised the question of polarity applications, she was rudely shouted at to "shut up." This is not how educated scientists talk to each other. But it is indicative of someone who, when questioned, doesn't know really know the facts. So who can you believe? Please see the Summary Conclusion at the end of this report.

Negative Polarity – The Natural Healing Field – When Used Correctly!

1. Negative Pole (North Pole) Healing – Much of the Medical community is finally adopting the use of Negative field treatments. As a result, there have been numerous articles about the fast pain relief and healing that have occurred from this application. However, in the articles, there has been consistent mention that some patients had increased pain in their arms or legs

2. Have you ever experienced what happens when you put jumper cables on the wrong poles of the battery of your car? If you haven't, they make a big spark. Why – because the electric current runs the wrong way and creates a "short." Not a good thing to do - because a battery can blow up like a bomb. That is why there are very careful instructions for jumping the battery in your car.

3. The same "shorting effect" can occur with the body on the limbs (hands, arms, feet and legs). Unlike the trunk of the body, which exhibits immediate pain reduction and energy healing from the Negative field placement (with the exception of the spine ), the limbs are specifically Positive on one side and Negative on the other. These are known as the body's Polarity meridians and have been extensively documented through many energy medical sciences such as Ayurvedic, Schiatsu, Reike, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Reflexology, etc.

When using the Natural Negative healing side of a Biomagnet to treat a site on any part of the limbs, the field must be applied on the Negative meridian. Even if the pain is on the positive meridian side of the limb, the Negative must be put on the Negative meridian side to properly amplify the normal current flows.

4. Many Doctors who are using healing Negative field polarity are reporting an increase in pain from some limb applications. By putting the Negative field on a Positive meridian, their application is literally shorting out the body's Natural Flow of Energy. With this incorrect application, the site is being electromotively stressed and shorted out with backward flowing current which result in fairly immediate pain. What the poorly informed Doctors have wrongly advised is to put the magnet on and off until the condition heals.

When the Negative is applied on the correct meridian, it amplifies the natural energy flow and the pain goes away quickly. If the Doctors had correctly advised to "Place the Negative on the other side," they would have relieved the pain instead of increasing it. This is evident that when the correct protocols are properly applied in serious conditions such as Carpal Tunnel, arthritic joints, etc., surgery has been able to be immediately canceled. In other words, the right pole on the wrong location is just as bad as the wrong pole on the right location.

Magnetic Foot Pad

1. These devices are becoming very popular. People experience an immediate increase in energy and swear by them. Upon asking them weeks after they first started using them, they still profess they are working. BUT, when talking to them in-depth, they explain that they are not really sure they don't feel as great as when they first put them on.

2. The various energy medical sciences teach that the bottom of the foot has all the reflex (trigger) points to all the glands, organs and muscle groups (like the heart for example). When the body is deficient in energy, known as MDS (magnetic deficiency syndrome ), the body is like a sponge absorbing electromotive energy from the biomagnetic foot pads. This creates an initial wonderful feeling of vitality. At the point the MDS has been remedied (the body has absorbed and is saturated with electromotive energy), then the pad creates problems.

3. Everyone is aware that magnets are not supposed to go near a pacemaker or defibrillator. But what about the fellow who put the magnetic foot pad in his shoe – an ample distance from his pacemaker; it went haywire until he removed the pad. Why?… Because a magnet in the pad was under the heart trigger in his foot and the heart was responding to the particular field of that magnet.

In magnetodiagnostics and its relative treatment, we learn that if you treat any gland or organ with the positive, its activity goes up. The reverse lowered-activity occurs from the Negative field application. In conclusion, after the MDS has been remedied by the magnetism in the pad, each trigger point resting on a magnet in the pad will activate that part of the body with its particular field response. Then the body experiences the stress of its parts being charged by the different fields – a condition that puts the body out of balance which is unhealthy. There are proper, scientific magnetic protocols to increase circulation in the feet so they become energized and healthy. There are also scientific protocols designed to take care of the whole body. Foot pads are not the answer and their use is playing with fire and your health.

Summary Conclusion

The above are serious scientific remarks that must be addressed when using biomagnetism. The wrong application can lead to strong physical problems and invariably a legal liability. Proper protocols give fast energy healing rather than the contraindications that happen from the onset of improper applications.

Biomagnetism is the science of utilizing the natural function of magnetic fields to manipulate the electrons in the atoms that make up the cells. The field used must be the correct one that energizes the cells to assume their natural electeo-biochemical state. The wrong field stresses the cells and causes an obstacle to a balanced, healthy state.

There is little doubt that the field of Biomagnetics is populated with individuals and companies who are completely ignorant about magnets, magnetism and the physical/biological mechanisms of the body. This is very important as your health is at risk. Their biomagnetic devices may not only be useless, but in many cases, are dangerous.

With Firms that have powerful names like Academy or Institute that are headed by doctors that propound that it doesn't matter which pole is used or how the application is placed, who do you trust? First, if they don't know about the pioneering work in Biomagnetism by Albert Roy Davis, Walter Rawls or Robert Becker, then they are suspect. If they are selling biomagnets with embellished non-scientific gauss ratings – then they know nothing about the science and it may be dangerous to use anything they have. If they state that their systems shouldn't be used on gland or organ problems, the systems are no good. If they can only base their biomagnetic technology on anecdotes and cannot fully explain scientific answers to cellular reactions – their systems and protocols are unsound and may hurt you.

To insure a measure of science and technological consistency, the BioMag Science Biomagnetic Research Institute was created to provide you with the full understanding and teaching of every element of Biomagnetism. The Biobook Conquering Pain, the Art of healing with Biomagnetism was written by this author to give thorough and exact, easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions on how to scientifically use which specific field treatment for each health condition. It includes:
1. The necessary scientific knowledge about the body's natural Bio-chemical electomotive functions.
2. The diagrams required for placement on all the glands, organs, correct meridian polarity placement, advanced Meridian Eenergizing Treatment6 for serious conditions.
3. A good nutritional guide to augment healing and maintain good health.
4. Treatments for over 170 conditions ranging from simple muscle pain to serious disease.

The Biobook utilizes BioMag Science designed solid state Neodymuim Super magnets in its treatments. Although other biomagnets may be used, through 20 years of Research and Development with medical scientists worldwide, BioMag Science has designed its small, powerful Neodymium Super BioMagnets for the field penetration required for the specific health condition. As a result, people have experienced immediate pain relief and have canceled surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome, hip replacement and other serious conditions. Tumors have positively responded. Epileptic seizures have been stopped. A dying woman in a coma was immediately awakened by the advanced Meridian Energizing Treatment and left the hospital within days. These so-called miracles were achieved because all BioMag Science protocols are designed within scientific guidelines.

This paper has not been written to promote BioMag Science and its products, but to give you a sense of security that there is a fully knowledgeable, scientific group that you can rely upon for the real science of Biomagnetism. It is interesting to note that China has been using Biomagnetism for over 5000 years. BioMag Science's Biomagnetic protocols are the treatments that have been adopted and are taught at Bejing Medical University, the highest level of medical training in China. BioMag Science protocols are also certified by The Energy Medicine Association throughout all of Southeast Asia. Due to the results of the protocols and treatments, a number of books by Doctors have been written about BioMag Science Biomagnetic Science…and it continues.

In closing, it is our quest to share our Institute's findings to insure that we are all working in concert throughout the world in fully educating and helping each other to understand and properly use this wonderful science.